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Dear friends!

If you are looking for Chinese manufacturers, or the possibilities for direct supply of various goods in bulk from China and other countries, RHT TRADE will help in this task. Quality raw materials from China wholesale, as well as search for manufacturers in China - the main activity of our company. During our work we have gained vast experience in trade with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, have opened up new opportunities and great prospects. Today, these capabilities, experience and partners in China - at your service!

You can choose the products on our website or send us a request for any product you are interested.

If there are goods in stock, you can get it the next day. In its absence, we are ready for you to order the required amount. Prepayment will be only 20%. The remaining amount will be paid within 40-50 days, or before shipment.

 Благоприятные дни августа 2012 года - Астрожурнал

In the absence of the goods in our catalog, you send us a request and we will establish an order in accordance with your wishes. The application must specify:

     Features of the product;

     purchase volume;

     Product photo (if available);

     the scope of the goods.

With your application we work as follows:

     Are monitoring the suppliers and send you product specification for approval;

     Send you a sample / photos of the goods;

     Conclude the contract receive an advance payment of 50%;

     Serve container control loading and shipment of goods at the port of China;

     Customs clearance in St. Petersburg, control, providing all the necessary documentation;

     Shipment of goods to Russia in any convenient transportation.