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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

If you are interested in promoting their goods on the Russian market, we are ready to help you in this difficult matter.

Russia's economy - the sixth of the economy of the world in terms gross domestic product (GDP) in purchasing power parity (PPP) (2013). By nominal GDP for 2013 Russia occupies 8th place.

Russia's nominal GDP for 2013 was $ 2.097 trillion., PPP GDP - $ 3.461 trillion. GDP per capita at PPP in 2013 Russia occupies 44th place in nominal GDP per capita - 47th place (according to the IMF). As of 2012, the share of the Russian economy in the world economy - 4.1%.


Sectoral structure of Russia's GDP (as of 2012):

     Agriculture and forestry - 3.8%
     Mining - 10.9%
     Manufacturing industry - 15.2%
     Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, and other utilities - 5.1%
     Construction - 6.5%
     Trade - 19.7%
     Transport and communications - 8.2%
     Finance and services - 17.1%
     Public administration, education, health and military security - 13.5%


The Far East stands mining of gold, diamonds, fish and seafood. In the Northern region of the major industries include coal, oil, gas, apatite, nickel and other metals, as well as logging and harvesting of fish. Northwest, Central, Volga-Vyatka, Volga and Ural regions allocated developed machine building, chemical, light and food industry, energy, and services. Central Black-Earth region and the North Caucasus have developed agriculture and the food industry.

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We are ready to consider your suggestions to promote your product for:

Food industry
Wood processing, pulp and paper industry;
Petroleum refining industry
Chemical industry, rubber and plastic products