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Highly chlorinated polyethylene HCPE-M



appearance                                                      white powder

Chlorine content,% ≥                                         65

Specific Gravity                                                   1.62 ± 0.03

Viscosity (Tu-4) 20% Solvent xylene 25 ℃         21-30

Decomposition temperature, ≥ ℃                     In fact, 120 130 (on ​​domestic Chinese standards set

                                                                         a minimum of 100)

Ash content,% ≤                                              0.3

Impurities,% ≤                                                 0.4

Solubility in water                                            insoluble

Appearance: white powder. Soluble in a ketone, ether, acetone, and ethylene glycol, soluble in ethanol, and gasoline. Has good solubility, fluidity.

Has good resistance to weathering, oil, grease and ozone. Mainly used for the production of clothing protection, corrosion-resistant coatings and self-quenching of colors, high quality adhesives and inks.